Phoenix Staffing

Event Staffing Agency

This women-powered promotional staffing agency approached us to help them put worker safety at the heart of their operation. We undertook an overview of their client contracts, policies and handbook for contractors. Then we delivered two interactive workshops about sexual harassment and assault, legal and ethical frameworks, touching on consent and boundaries. We found that the team serving shots at nightclubs were experiencing high levels of unwanted sexual behaviour and weren’t always clear on their rights to safety in the workplace. We wrote two new bespoke policies on sexual harassment and safety to help Phoenix ensure all clients upheld their values and contractors felt empowered to report. We also collaborated on a clear process for managers providing support in the event of an incident, including suitable signposting to specialist services.

Phoenix Staffing said:
Working with The Good Night Out Team has been a propelling partnership, enabling long-term aims and desires to be fulfilled and expanded. We have been operating in the nightlife, festival and events industry for over ten years, with a large and flexible workforce. Providing staff to a variety of clients, with differing sites and structures, has caused us to identify that we need to have a strong voice and position within the market, to ensure that environments of social interaction are fun, enjoyable and safe for everyone involved. Working alongside Good Night Out, through workshops with our contractors, and policy creation, we have been able to form a structure to support not only our contractors, but also our client structures and overall culture of the nightlife industry. We highly recommend partnering with Good Night Out to create lasting, positive change throughout the industry.

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