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Active Bystander Campaign

We developed a striking bilingual Active Bystander campaign and toolkit for the Wales Violence Prevention Unit in the nighttime economy areas of Cardiff in 2021.

The aim was to encourage and equip people to speak up if they recognise or have concerns about someone’s attitude or behaviour, and to progress the conversation on from what is not okay, to what they can do about it.

Using everyday local language which was inclusive of and spoke to victim, perpetrator and bystander, we built a series of scenarios with the client and helped fine tune the safest most empowering responses.

The toolkit, produced in partnership with Welsh Women’s Aid, supports wannabe active bystanders to understand what stepping in safely in a range of situations in nightlife could look like, and how to ensure that when individuals engage with unsafe situations they effectively de-escalate.

As we become more confident in challenging harmful comments and actions, we can better support each other. The project acknowledges that each of us will have different levels of confidence and comfort when it comes to challenging harassment, and that personal safety is key. The toolkit provides tips and guidance on how to intervene when you notice someone behaving in a way that isn’t right.

Check out the Project microsite #SafeToSay here.

Bryony Parry, VPU Communications Lead, said

It was fantastic to work with Good Night Out Campaign on our campaign to prevent sexual harassment in nightlife in South Wales. The team brought expert knowledge to help develop an evidence-based, effective and engaging campaign, and their skills and experience meant we were able to hit the ground running and deliver an impactful campaign in a short timescale.

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