Chances are your audience already care about topics like sexual harassment or being an active bystander. But how’s best to talk to them about this sensitive stuff? We’re here to help you set the tone, manage risk and get your audience active for gender justice.

On our Event curation...

Good Night Out were fantastic to collaborate with on the release campaign for Molly Manning Walker’s film How To Have Sex, stimulating valuable discussions about consent in response to the film via a curated event screening and panel discussion at Hackney Picturehouse.

Releases Marketing Director, UK, MUBI

On our Responding with Compassion workshop...

The training provided Bolt teammates with a fresh perspective and have already seen some recommendations come from the learnings. Well done to the GNO team!

Customer Service Lead, Bolt

We can advise, consult on or deliver projects or campaign that create real culture change for gender justice. We help with accessible design, sharp and relevant messaging and project management. Mix and match from the components below, or get in touch if you have an idea for a project you don’t see below.

  • Social media campaigns

    We can design and support dynamic responsive safety-themed social media campaign. We can co-create and share coordinated written and visual content across all platforms.

  • Events

    From parties to panel talks, film screenings to festival pop ups, we’re used to making events pop and bringing people to your project.

  • Consultancy

    Already dreamt up a campaign? We offer an expert eye to help make sure your values and messaging on this sensitive subject feel safe, factual and appropriate.

  • Internal policy

    We know that building a strong policy foundation will set you up for success. We can help create and hone practical policies from ‘Sexual harassment’ to ‘Rave etiquette’ guiding you through a library of adjustable specialist templates or writing you something totally bespoke.

  • Bespoke workshops

    If theres a part of your team that needs a safer learning space to think and upskill, we offer customised training around sexual violence and safety work. See our work training Malibu’s ‘Malicrew’ Freshers Street Team, bar management for Lillet “Get Home With Lillet” campaign, “Safer Festival Spaces” training for Red Bull Festival Activators.

  • Localisation

    New in town? We’ve worked across five continents so chances are we can help tailor your work to make it relevant to a local audience, including insights on appropriate local signposting if you’re going on tour.

  • Funded accreditations

    Want to transform your high street? You can commission us to build relationships, train and accredit a targeted selection of venues and event organisers. We’ll produce co-branded materials, that help to communicate your commitment to nightlife safety to your audience

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We’ve supported nightlife organisations, brands and other initiatives to get this stuff right and make a difference. Here’s a taster of what we can do…


Film Screening + Feminist Panel Discussion

In November 2023 we collaborated with MUBI to host a screening of the award-winning film How To Have Sex, followed by a panel discussion dissecting the themes of consent and teen holiday experiences raised by the film through a feminist lens.

We curated the screening and panel discussion, selecting the panel line-up which included experts in feminist film, media and consent education. In the run up to our screening of How To Have Sex, which took place at our chosen cinema Hackney Picturehouse, we conducted a successful social media campaign to advertise the screening and the importance of the film, and followed up the event by sharing the full panel discussion online, as well as a series of interviews with attendees from the night, delving further into the topics raised in the film.


Bespoke workshops + social media campaign

We worked with Malibu on a broad campaign focussed on safety in student nightlife to coincide with Freshers Week that was centred around three main outcomes…

  1. Delivery of a bespoke workshop series to Malibu’s ‘Malicrew’ Freshers Street Team to assist with their presence in venues and streets around England & Wales during freshers week promoting the brand. This included co-branded active bystander take-home materials and digital resource dashboards.
  2. Delivery of bespoke co-branded workshops to floor staff at Malibu-partnered Revolution Bars that are at the heart of student nightlife across the UK.
  3. Consultation on their social media campaign around sexual violence and safety in student nightlife, with our Active Bystander Guide being adapted into an Instagram video featuring Love Island’s Olivia Atwood and Joey Essex

Desperados • Door Person Diploma

Bespoke workshops

We created bespoke Door Person Diploma workshops for nightlife security or door staff in venues, pubs, bars, clubs & cultural spaces in UK, Belgium, France or The Netherlands.

Subjects covered include:

  • Responding to disclosures of sexual violence
  • Drugs, alcohol and consent in nightlife spaces
  • Removing barriers to seeking help including countering intimidation
  • Risk assessing situations and supportive working
  • De-escalation tools

We were able to provide this interactive in-depth training from specialist nightlife safety educators for free, thanks to our partnership with Desperados F.R.E.E.

Other ways we work

To see the other types of projects that we undertake, and how we work with licensed premises, promoters, artists and community organisations to champion nightlife safety please visit our Work With Us page.