• Are you a Licensed Premises?

    Whether you’re a large nightclub or a small wine bar, a café or a local pub, if you’re keen to raise your team’s confidence and skills and make sure your premises feels as welcoming and safe as possible, we would love to work with you.

  • Are you an Event Organiser?

    We help event organisers with procedure, posters and preparation for their events, and we are sliding scale to make sure our work equally accessible grassroots DIY promoters and international corporations.

  • Are you a Students' Union?

    We’ve worked with Students’ Unions since our inception and know the specifics of supporting student safety agenda on campuses, the priorities of your commercial services team, and making all this work with university disciplinary procedures.

  • Are you a Local Authority?

    We work with councils across England and Wales who purchase our training and accreditation work for premises in their area. Working in close partnership across VAWG services, community safety and licensing, we can help embed your local safety priorities on your busiest local venues.

  • Are you an Arts & Culture space?

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  • Are you Security Staff?

    Sign up for a free online training workshop to help improve your knowledge and skills for understanding and responding to  unsafe nightlife situations on the doors.

    The Door Person Diploma is delivered in the form of a 2.5hr Zoom workshop, plus digital takeaway material.

If you’re a venue, students’ union, event organiser, local authority or something else and want to enquire about getting accredited please head to Work with us! If you need our support you can Talk to us or if you want to connect socially you can Follow us or subscribe to our mailing list to hear updates from the campaign, info about our public events or opportunities to join our team.

Please note unfortunately we do not currently have capacity to interview for student projects. Please check out our Resources instead.

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