Reframe the Night

Myth-busting Campaign

In 2019, we worked with Hackney Council and the City of London Corporation to develop myth-busting messaging for billboards, bus stops and public spaces around both boroughs, aimed at challenging the common myths about who is responsible for sexual violence in nightlife.

Using the concept of ‘reframing’ myths with a creative call-back to the trailblazers of the 1970s who called for women to ‘Reclaim the Night,’ we crafted these key messages to encourage nightlife lovers to see these harmful attitudes in a new light.

The public project was backed up with a series of free, open-access training events open to anyone working in the nightlife economies in Hackney or the City of London.

Doug Barrow, Chairman of the City Corporation’s Safer City Partnerships Strategy Group, said:

Sexual harassment is completely unacceptable in the City or anywhere else. It has a profound impact on the victim, affecting every aspect of their life. Many people affected by sexual violence blame themselves and question whether they could have done something differently to prevent the incident from occurring.

These views are reinforced within society by myths and beliefs about sexual harassment. Reframe the Night aims to challenge these, putting the blame and responsibility back on the perpetrator, not the victim.

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