Good Night Out believes nights out should be about fun and freedom, not fear.

Our mission is to create safer and more accountable music, arts and cultural spaces. We educate and support people and places to help them better understand, respond to and prevent sexual violence in their spaces, through an accreditation programme, specialist training, policy consultancy and public campaigns.

We are building community and workplace capacity to challenge, respond to, and prevent all forms of harm. We know what works for gender justice, and provide a roadmap for change for artists and nightlife workers and organisations across many industries.

Let’s change the party to change the world.

We’re creating safer music, culture and nightlife.

From the pub to the street to the bus to our homes, sexual harassment is everywhere. We build workplace and community capacity to respond to and prevent all gender-based harms, because we know it doesn’t have to be this way.

Good Night Out began in 2014, initially as a campaign of Hollaback London. We helped London’s iconic fabric to create the first ever nightclub anti-sexual harassment policy and never looked back. As part of our accreditation process, we help licensed spaces to upskill their teams by delivering interactive workshops to bar staff, managers, and security.

Good Night Out Campaign CIC is a certified accredited CPD training provider by CPD UK.

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As well as our core accreditation and training programmes, we help local authorities develop sexual violence prevention and response campaigns, and partner with frontline specialist support services internationally.

We have developed and delivered training programmes and Women’s Safety Charters for councils across England and Wales, and designed impactful public-realm campaigns seen by thousands of eyes, like #ReframeTheNight and #SafetoSay. We also write guidance and policy for organisations. Read the toolkit we wrote for London City Hall’s Night Czar here.

We are a member of the End Violence Against Women Coalition.

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Why get accredited?

Accreditation is a simple way to ensure your space, event or team has a plan in place for safer nightlife via our four step process including policy review, interactive staff training, supporting materials and ongoing support.

To get started, select an option below to make contact and tell us more about you.

  • Are you a Licensed Premises?

    Whether you’re a large nightclub or a small wine bar, a café or a local pub, if you’re keen to raise your team’s confidence and skills and make sure your premises feels as welcoming and safe as possible, we would love to work with you.

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  • Are you an Event Organiser?

    We help event organisers with procedure, posters and preparation for their events, and we are sliding scale to make sure our work equally accessible grassroots DIY promoters and international corporations.

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  • Are you a Students' Union?

    We’ve worked with Students’ Unions since our inception and know the specifics of supporting student safety agenda on campuses, the priorities of your commercial services team, and making all this work with university disciplinary procedures.

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  • Are you a Local Authority?

    We work with councils across England and Wales who purchase our training and accreditation work for premises in their area. Working in close partnership across VAWG services, community safety and licensing, we can help embed your local safety priorities on your busiest local venues.

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We love raising the bar when it comes to nightlife safety and work with a wide range of public, private and community organisations to deliver projects and partnerships.

We can support you through any project with a prevention or response focus, and provide accessible expert advice on design and programme delivery. We also work in partnership with other gendered violence organisations to deliver our accreditation programme.

We measure our reach in many ways, from public conversations to the change we bring to both individual participants and the industries and communities we educate. Here’s how…

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At Good Night Out Campaign we:

  • believe that nights out should be about fun and freedom, not fear
  • centre an analysis of power in all our work by acknowledging and highlighting how gender-based violence intersects with interpersonal and structural inequalities
  • put the responsibility for gender-based violence solely upon the perpetrator whilst working to transform the workplaces, communities and systems and cultures that help create the context for it
  • support and fight for the rights of trans, non binary and gender non-conforming people
  • support and fight for the rights of all nightlife workers to safety and self-determination, including those working in the sex or adult industries
  • support and fight for survivors’ rights to access justice in ways that work for them, both within and beyond existing systems.

All our partners, trainers, employees and board members live our values.

Meet the team! We are a dedicated bunch of educators, musicians, designers and sexual violence specialists, sometimes all at once.

We are a community interest company with a flat structure and a commitment to upholding the principles of gender justice in all that we do.

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Doesn’t having posters up about sexual harassment just make people think it’s not a safe place?

Actually, research demonstrates that safety planning is a normal part of nights out for women and LGBTQ+ people. The feedback we receive suggests that rather than causing fear, our posters which let customers know they will be supported in the event of harassment feel reassuring, not scary. Sexual harassment happens everywhere and is a universal social problem that no venue is totally immune from. Proactive messaging acknowledges that the premises will act appropriately if it does crop up.

Is this the same as Ask for Angela?

No. Ask for Angela is a ‘codeword’-based poster developed in 2016 by Hayley Child, the Substance Misuse Strategy Coordinator for Lincolnshire County Council. While we support venues taking any proactive steps in this area, staff training and a clear policy on what to do in the event of a disclosure is required to build a consistent response to perpetrators of unacceptable behaviour. Good Night Out Campaign Accreditation can complement other schemes premises may already be using and we are happy to advise on how to build on your current in-house approach.

We’d like to send two members of staff to a training session so we can get accredited, how do we do this?

Good Night Out Campaign accreditation is based on ensuring that a reasonable proportion of your frontline bar and floor staff have received face-to-face training from our specialist facilitators. This is to ensure you’re able to offer the best possible response to a report of harassment. We have found that it’s both risky and an unfair level of responsibility to only have one member of staff trained up. If you would like to find out more but are not ready for accreditation, we can offer a place on a Multi-Venue Manager Awareness workshop, which looks at the broader principles of nightlife safety and can be a great first step. These are usually funded by your local council, BID or Pubwatch. Get in touch to find out more.

We’re a small venue. Can we team up with neighbouring premises and get accredited at once?

This is possible. We love small venues and can offer you a discount if you team up with others! However for the same reasons above, we can only offer this for up to three small premises at once and will assess your team’s sizes first.

I’m in a band or DJ and I want to support your work, what can I do?

Great. If you’re going on tour we can give you a supporters’ pack of badges and active bystander flyers to display at your merch desk. Why not ask for a ‘Respect Rider?’ We can show you how to incorporate safer nightlife requirements like gender neutral-bathrooms (or GNO accreditation at every tour stop!) to your rider, and help artists and agents develop contract wording for this. Let’s talk!

I don’t run a premises but I work in nightlife or events in another capacity, how else can I get involved?

That’s great! Email us. We offer lots of different types of support, consultation, policy writing and advice for all kinds of people and organisations. You might also like to check out our support page, as we’re always very grateful for fundraisers!

I don’t work in the evening and night time economy but what you do sounds really relevant to my field.

We’re connected to many other specialist sexual harassment and assault training organisations and consultants who do this type of work, why don’t you drop us a line with your needs and see if we can help.