Accreditation For Licensed Premises’

Working with licensed premises of all sizes and shapes is where we began and remains at the heart of what we do. We try our best to make what we do affordable for you and can also help you to ask your local authority to fund your accreditation.

Previous premises we’ve worked with include fabric, The Village Underground, The Brudenell Social Club, Leeds’ Headrow House, Ministry of Sound, The Brighton Dome and a wide range of Wetherspoons, Fullers and Stonegate pubs.

A 2020 evaluation of our work found that 97.8% of participants felt that the training had improved their knowledge on how to respond to sexual violence in nightlife. Sound good?

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Our Process

  1. Policy

    First we have a chat about your needs, providing a best practice policy document and procedure in line with licensing objectives and legal frameworks. It lays out what to do and say (and what not to say or do!) when sexual harassment or assault happens. We agree costs and sign an agreement, valid for one year, to commit to working together on this.

  2. Training

    Our core training session is 2.5hrs long, currently delivered via Zoom for up to 20 participants: Understanding and Responding to Sexual Harassment and Assault in Licensed Premises. It covers a range of key topics in a sensitive yet informal way. It is delivered by two specialist trained facilitators who can support anyone who may be impacted by the content.

    Our training is proven to increase confidence, knowledge and team skills. We evaluate this and pass on the results to you so you can measure the change in your team.

    Themes addressed include:

    • Understanding and defining sexual harassment and assault
    • Racism, homophobia and LGTBQ+ harassment
    • Myths and realities of sexual harassment and assault.
    • What are the barriers to reporting an incident in your premises?
    • Appropriate and inappropriate responses
    • Record keeping, reporting to the authorities
    • Understanding consent and the law
    • How to create an environment that doesn’t tolerate harassment
    • De-escalation techniques and working sensitively

    Each participant receives a personal Workers’ Guide, badge and certificates to keep

  3. Communication

    Accredited premises receive a full-colour poster pack which are displayed in bathrooms and communal areas, and a certificate for behind the bar. Our posters communicate a positive message that encourages reporting, letting customers know your staff are trained appropriately. This can be co-branded with your logos.

  4. Ongoing Support

    We offer a quarterly check with advice and encouragement in for all our accredited premises. Our team can help you to debrief after a difficult incident and support you in improving your response to sexual violence in the longer term. After your first year with us, reaccreditation and refresher training is offered on a discounted basis.

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We’ll work with you to develop a reasonable quote based on who you are and what you need.

Other ways we work

To see other types of accreditation that we offer, and how we work with companies, artists, bands and community organisations to champion nightlife safety please visit our Work With Us page. Whether you have a specific project you’d like help with, or need a plan to raise awareness on this issue, we can support you with training design and delivery, policy and messaging.