Accreditation For Festivals

Camping and site-based festivals present unique challenges to safety and accountability.

We’ve worked with Laneway Festival to train staff across seven cities in Australia, Malaysia and New Zealand, undertaking a full policy review and helped to launch a text hotline for alerting security which has been hugely successful. We’ve trained and accredited Hyperlocal, who run twin experimental music events in London and Buenos Aires.

We are now working closely with an experienced consultant to develop meaningful and scalable solutions for the specific challenges of non venue-based festivals, which we hope to launch later this year. Please get in touch for a chat.

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Other ways we work

To see other types of accreditation that we offer, and how we work with companies, artists, bands and community organisations to champion nightlife safety please visit our Work With Us page. Whether you have a specific project you’d like help with, or need a plan to raise awareness on this issue, we can support you with training design and delivery, policy and messaging.