Whether you’re a larger scale tour promoter or a grassroots gig organiser, we want to help you create the safest and most liberating events possible

We’ve been putting on events and festivals for years ourselves and can provide accessible and low cost support with this. We have supported event organisers and promoters of nearly every kind, from camping festivals to hardcore punk all-dayers, comic book festivals to white-water rafting.

Whether you’re making big moves internationally or building music community locally, we can find a way to help you out. Get in touch.

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We’ll work with you to develop a reasonable quote based on who you are and what you need.

Other ways we work

To see other types of accreditation that we offer, and how we work with companies artists and community organisations to champion nightlife safety please visit our Work With Us page. Whether you have a specific project you’d like help with, or need a plan to raise awareness on this issue, we can support you with training design and delivery, policy and messaging.