We work with students’ unions bars, venues and shops around the UK and Ireland. Contact us if you’d like help with getting your university on board. We train university and union staff on creating a safe environment free from sexual harassment, creating a culture of belief and practical support amongst all union staff.

The following university unions are already signed up, and have undertaken a training workshop for staff, security and management, and now have access to materials, resources and advice around effectively handling sexual harassment:

NUS is very proud to be working with the Good Night Out campaign to produce innovative zero tolerance training resources for students’ union staff as part of our national strategy to tackle lad culture on campus.

National NUS Women's Officer, Susuana Antubam

Good Night Out Campaign has also been included as a key plank of the NUS Lad Culture strategy so all universities involved in this pilot will be trained.

Email info@goodnightoutcampaign.org for more information on getting involved.

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