Our training can be delivered on site at your premises, or in any suitable space. It was developed by one of our founders, Bryony Beynon in collaboration with Susuana Amoah, the NUS National Women’s Officer (2014-2016). Bryony has trained hundreds of people across the private and public sector in the UK (at London’s Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre) and Australia (for Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia) on a range of issues relating to sexual violence and harassment. The session was developed . It takes one hour and is designed as an interactive workshop that covers a range of topics in a sensitive way, including:

  • What is harassment, who experiences it and how can we safely challenge it?
  • The ‘whole team’ approach to handling sexual violence in the venue
  • How can racism and homophobia intersect with sexual harassment?
  • How can we help create an environment that doesn’t tolerate harassment?
  • How to respond to someone disclosing harassment or sexual assault?
  • Practical ways to deal with a situation of harassment (4 key takeaway tips)
  • De-escalation techniques and responding carefully to shock and trauma
  • How to link Good Night Out to your existing safety policies

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