Getting started as a regional organiser

Once you have expressed an interest in starting a Good Night Out campaign in your area we will arrange a Skype meeting or quick phone call with Good Night Out HQ. We’ll have a general chat about the campaign, what is involved, how it fits in with anything else you might be doing or working on (e.g. if you work or volunteer for an organisation, or if you’re a student at a university and want to start with gettIng them signed up) and the support you can expect from us.

It’s also a great opportunity to link different people in the same area who might want to work together on their regional campaign.

Once you’re ready...

If you are happy to go ahead we’ll send you a link to a Dropbox folder containing an introduction to Good Night Out for Businesses, Guide to Training Venues and your town or city’s personalised poster. There’s also lots of other documents that your might find useful along the way. If you want, we’ll set up an email address (town/ for you to use to start contacting venues.

We’ll set up an area on the website for you to begin uploading any news when you are ready. The website is run on a simple WordPress platform which we can show you how to use.

Finally we’ll ask you to set up a twitter handle e.g. @gnosheffield @gnobristol

One aspect of the Good Night Out campaign is training staff on how to respond to harassment and we have developed our own training material. We encourage you to offer this to any venues that sign up, and can set up a ‘train the trainer’ session via Skype to show you how it’s done. As you can charge for it if you like, this is a great way to make your campaign sustainable. Otherwise, you can give training materials direct to venue managers, or offer them training direct from someone at GNO HQ.

Contacting Venues...

Draw up a list of target venues that you would like to get on board and look online, tweet or give them a quick call to get an email address for the manager. Got a favourite friendly local? Start there! It’s best to try and deal directly with the manager as they’ll tend to be the decision maker.

Drop the manager an initial email introducing the campaign, you can use the template email in Dropbox to help you with this. You can also attach the ‘Guide for Businesses’ for their reference.

Hopefully each venue will reply of their own accord but if not give them a call to ask if they received the email and if you can arrange a time to talk to them about the campaign in person.

Your First Meeting

Not all venues will want to meet you first, but if they do, go for it! It’s a great way to explain how it works and why it’s important. Meeting with managers can be daunting so it can be useful to have someone else with you.

Practice beforehand so you know what you’ll say and try to think about potential questions they might ask. It might be helpful to take along your own printed copy of the guide for businesses to refer to (the bar manager will have received their copy in your initial email).

We’ve found the best way to approach meetings is to be positive. Unfortunately, harassment does happen and signing up to Good Night Out sends a strong message to customers that when it happens it will be dealt with appropriately. Telling a venue that you are approaching them because they are well respected and you thought it’s something they might be interested in, tends to be more effective than telling a venue that they should sign up because they have a problem.

Generally the response has been very positive! So far we have 80 venues signed up so you can go into meetings feeling confident. Most towns and cities have ‘Pub Watch’ meetings where bar owners come together to discuss issues with other community representatives. If you feel comfortable, giving a quick introduction to Good Night Out at these meetings is a great way to engage with lots of venues who might want to sign up. We can always support you with this!

Following Up

After a meeting send a quick email thanking them for meeting you. If they agreed to sign up you can send them a digital copy of the poster, a copy of the training manual and confirm when training will be delivered.

Don’t forget to add venues to the website as they sign up! Ask them to tweet pictures of the poster and shout about their signing.

You can also announce new Good Night Out venues on Twitter (it’s best to check with the manager that it’s OK to do this in case they need to let someone else know first).

Local Support

Twitter is a great way to build local support and let everyone know about the great work you’re doing.

It might be useful to let local organisations such as Rape Crisis, or local feminists group know what you’re doing so they can add their support. Maybe a local MP could give you a supportive quote? These all look great on the website.

In London, we’ve partnered with a local council who pay us to deliver some of the training in one area of London. Now that you’re set up and know what you’re doing, you could ask for a meeting with your local community safety team about this?

Local Media

Good Night Out has generated a lot of media attention both locally and nationally. Local media is a great way of engaging the community and getting more people talking about sexual harassment.

You can do as much local media as you feel comfortable with and we will support you along the way. There is a draft press release in Dropbox and we are happy to offer specific advice if you want to get Good Night Out on local TV and radio!

Don’t forget to tell us about the media work you’re doing and upload articles onto the website.

Looking After Yourself

Talking about issues surrounding sexual harassment can be difficult, especially if you are engaging with people who are not used to thinking about it. It’s really important to look after yourself and you can always drop us a line if you need to.

Time and Money

You can give as much time as you feel comfortable offering. We also appreciate that the amount of time you can give varies depending on other commitments so we are happy for you to pick the campaign up whenever you feel able to.

We will reimburse your any costs and will pay for poster printing. You can also charge venues for delivering training as a way to fund your work!


Good Night Out is a new campaign and we’d really value your feedback on what works and what could be better. If you have any comments please do let us know.

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