Great festivals create community.

We believe that like all strong communities, festivals must be clear about their values to become spaces free from harassment, assault and other kinds of violence.

Of course, when a huge crowd descends upon one space, the likelihood of crimes taking place can increase. Just like any other crime, the only person responsible for harassment or assault is the perpetrator. However, there are many steps that festivals can take in advance to create an accountable environment where:

– potential perpetrators will think twice before committing a crime
– lower level issues are more likely to be reported to you early, so you can deal with them prior to further escalation
– patrons feel more secure in the knowledge that your procedures will kick in something happens

Training on responding to disclosures of sexual harassment can often fall by the wayside for temporary festival staff and volunteers, or be limited to a vague ‘tell security.’ You wouldn’t dream of approaching your fire safety and evacuation protocols this way, both of which you’re much less likely to need – so don’t leave it to chance!

Because of the temporary and often high pressure nature of inducting staff and volunteers ahead of a festival, we prefer to work with you several months out from the start date. Together, we can:

– Review and suggest changes to any existing policy
– Provide best practice policy templates and procedures
– Provide a ‘first responder’ model which works across staff, security and managers
– Provide globally recognised GNO customer and staff-facing comms collateral for your own co-branding
– Train you on how to deliver this
– Train your staff and volunteers directly

We are currently expanding our capacity to work with festivals. Get in touch to find out more or check out the case study below.

Laneway in Melbourne, 2018

Case Study: St Jerome’s Laneway Festival

We partnered with major Australian festival Laneway to strengthen their commitment to a safe, inclusive space at every one of their seven sites spread over three countries: from Singapore to Auckland, Fremantle to Sydney, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide.

In 2017, Laneway set up 1800-LANEWAY – a hotline available at each festival for anyone experiencing or witnessing harassment or assault.

In 2018, Good Night Out got on board to:

  • support the extension of the hotline to an sms-text function
  • create a suite of bystander intervention messaging for Laneway (available to read here.)
  • audit existing policy across all sites, suggest and support the roll out of any necessary changes to their existing procedure.
  • provide specialist training for  more than fifty members of Laneway’s Event Management team on responding to disclosures, based on knowledge of perpetrator tactics, the impacts of sexual harassment and barriers to reporting
  • supported Laneway’s Event Management team to effectively train their own on-site staff, stall holders and volunteers

See news coverage of the partnership here, and a supporting video made by Laneway 2018 acts:

We engaged the Good Night Out campaign to consult with the festival about what we should be implementing as best practice and they delivered above and beyond our expectations. 
The Good Night Out Campaign offered a professional training service to our staff members via Zoom video conference, which was very effective as we run 7 shows across 3 countries! The content was clear and our trainer Bryony Beynon has in-depth knowledge and skill set relating to harassment, particularly in a nightlife/live event setting. The content was specifically tailored to our event being a one-day inner-city music festival.
Good Night Out have allowed us to take that next proactive step to ensure we are taking active measures to create and maintain a safe environment for our audience. We can highly recommend their services and very much look forward to working with them again. 
Katie Stewart, General Manager, Laneway Festival

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