Good Night Out trainers are experienced in creating an inclusive and supportive training environment to discuss what can be a difficult topic. These superstars are dedicated to effecting positive change in their communities.

Check out their background, skills and interests below:


Bryony Beynon

Role: Co-founder, Director, GNO HQ

City: London, UK

Bryony started Good Night Out Campaign in 2014 with Julia Gray as a project of Hollaback London. She has nine years of experience in the violence against women and girls sector. She also works as a trainer for Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre (South London Rape Crisis) delivering training on sexual violence, childhood sexual abuse and age-appropriate sex and relationships lessons in schools, and has worked for Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia where she trained professionals on clinical management of vicarious trauma. She currently undertakes consulting for large public and private sector organisations to help improve their attitudes to safety and gendered violence and educators on responding to disclosures. Bryony works on GNO training packages, policy and procedure for our participating venues including festivals. Bryony is invested in community accountability and transformative justice practices, and in her spare time writes for music magazines and plays guitar and drums (not simultaneously.)



Ester Van Kempen

Role: Coordinator at GNO HQ and Trainer

City: London, UK

Ester’s background lies in the DIY music scene, putting on events and working in bars for years. She know exactly what kind of things go down on a night out! A former venue and bar manager, she is also the director of cycle-wear brand Ride with Wolves. Both totally different occupations, but both very rewarding. Ester’s roles at the Good Night Out Campaign are diverse, from admin and graphic design to delivering trainings all over the UK, but mainly London.


Katie Finnegan-Clarke

Role: Regional Organiser, Trainer and Partnerships

City: Bristol, UK

Kate is a full-time feminist and anti-racist campaigner and facilitator. In addition to her roles with GNO, she currently works for Stop and Search Legal Project and Campaign Bootcamp, and builds strategic partnerships for Hollaback! London (Good Night Out’s sister organisation). She is also the co-director of The Collective Liberation Project, creating on and offline spaces where white people can learn about white supremacy culture. In her spare time, you can find Katie swimming in cold lakes, organising LaDIYfest Bristol and eating fried foods with friends.


Jen Calleja

Role: Trainer and Training Coordinator for GNO HQ

City: London, UK

Role: Trainer and Training Coordinator for GNO HQ

City: London, UK

Jen handles press requests for the Good Night Out Campaign, delivers our workshops and helps to train new Trainers. The rest of the time Jen is a freelance fiction writer and reviewer, a literary translator from German, and plays in a few punk bands. She has also given talks and written articles on DIY punk and gender.






Stacey Forrester and Ashtyn Bevan

Role: Regional organisers of GNO Vancouver

City: Vancouver BC, Canada

Tired of the toxic macho culture within the city, Ashtyn brought the campaign to Vancouver for her final Undergraduate assignment at SFU. Inspired by her activism with Hollaback Vancouver, she reached out to Stacey in the planning stages of the campaign and the two have been feminist soulmates ever since. See more about their groundbreaking work bringing on-street support to the local club district here.


Liv Robalo

Role: Regional Organiser, Trainer and Coordinator at HQ

City: London, UK

Liv got involved with GNO after moving from London to Brighton and noticing that the posters she’d become accustomed to seeing in bars, stating a commitment to supporting people disclosing harassment, weren’t up in venues on the south coast.  Fast-forward a couple of years, and she is now helping to co-ordinate the UK campaign and train up new regions.

Liv works at Survivors’ Network, the Rape Crisis centre for Brighton & East Sussex, providing emotional and practical support to survivors of sexual violence.  She has also co-delivered training to university staff as part of the EU pilot scheme ‘Universities Supporting Victims of Sexual Violence’. In her spare time she likes going to gigs and watching football (and agonising weekly over her fantasy team).


Kelsey Mohamed

Kelsey is an anti-carceral feminist campaigner and general opinionator based in London. As part of the Good Night Out team and co-ordinator for Hollaback London, she dedicates much of her time to ending harassment in public spaces. With other grassroots groups she has been speaking at public events and delivering workshops on criminal justice alternatives as well as topics such as anti-racism, facilitation, creative activism and more. Her project Cradle creates spaces for organisers and creative folks to collaborate, learn, and enjoy themselves.

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